Liberal Polls, up again, down again.

Last night the (left) blogosphere was abuzz about the Dec 6th daily poll from SES research which put the Liberals out ahead with a healthy 40% of decided voters while the CPC trailed with 28%

Today, we’ve come back down to Earth…. Strategic Council released their Dec 7th poll results.. and the Liberals are, according to them, at 35% with the CPC at 29%.

The difference? (thank you, the Bloc and Green Party.

So.. what does it all mean. Well, it means that I’m not going to be posting much about polling numbers because they are in a constant state of flux. What’s more, if you see the results at you’ll see that some pollsters (Strategic Council) generally poll worse for the Liberals than others (SES). I’m not saying that this is by design.. simply that that seems to be indicated in the numbers.

So here is my grand conclusion. You can take this to the bank, and save yourself the daily angst of tracking the polls.

The Liberals are slightly ahead.
The Conservatives are slightly behind.
The Bloc and NDP won’t form a government.
The Green Party might not even get an MP (and I’m being generous there).

Barring any major gaffes/events, either on the road, or at the debates, that will likely be the story from the pollsters right through to the end of the campaign.

So, do yourself a favor, focus on the policy and what’s being said by the Leaders and your local candidates. The only poll that really matters is the one we will all be participating in on January 23rd.

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