Canadian Armoured Vehicles in Sudan

The CBC reports today that the Sudanese government has finally cleared passage for 105 Canadian “Grizzly” Armoured Vehicles to be delivered to African Union peacekeakers working in the troubled countryside.

Soldiers from the African Union have been training on the vehicles in Senegal and they should be in use by the end of the year, Prime Minister Paul Martin’s special advisory team on Sudan said on Tuesday.

The vehicles were supposed to have been delivered 3 months ago, but were stopped by the Sudanese government because they feared they would be used by rebel forces against the government.

Hopefully these vehicles will give the AU forces the ability to work more safely and more efficiently in the vast expanse of the Sudan. There have already been instinces where AU forces stood by as the two sides engaged in skirmishes… hopefully these vehicles will help them intervene in a more meaningful manner.

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