South Asian Earthquake

Heard today on the radio that 24,000 are feared dead in Pakistan and India… 24,000 that’s more people than in most small towns.

It’s so easy for us in the West to see this on the news and say “Oh, those poor people.. we should send them some money”. Canada has pledged $20 million… yay Canada….

What they need isn’t money… in the long term what they need is an escape from poverty. Their governments can’t, or won’t provide them with adequate and safe housing. They have little work and little support system.

I’ve had a thought for some time now about how rich countries can go from simply fronting a bunch of cash when disaster strikes, to actually *helping* these countries provide for and support their citizens. I don’t think the majority of Western people would be ready to support my idea… nor do I think the poorer countries would feel comfortable supporting it… but its’ an idea.

I’ll go into greater detail another day when I have time to type. Until then, spare a moment to think about the billions of people out there who have so much less than you. If you are reading this.. chances are you are one of the elite on our planet, whether you like to think of yourself that way or not, it’s true.

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  1. We’ve only just begun to concern ourselves with the poverty of the third world. The answer is part political and part economic. The best that the richer countries can do is promote democracy and encourage economic development. the fact that China and India are rapidly working towards these goals is a testament to this philosophy. I think many western governments are involved in this process by encouraging trade and technical assistance in receptive 3rd world societies. As usual there will be and IS now much disagreement in how to best encourage governments to help their own countries become prosperous. I can say one thing for sure, the leaders of undemocratic poor countries have little incentive to make the sacrifices necessary to better the fate of their people. In some of those countries, the ruling elite have a vested interest in keeping the poor poor. An accountable government is the best remedy.

  2. Save lives by urging media to provide coverage for earthquake in South Asia

    This petition is to urge the major media outlets around the world to provide coverage for the earthquake in South Asia. With 3 million homeless and more than 75,000 injured in hard-to-reach area, this is the biggest relief operation the modern world has ever seen but has been completely ignored in the media. With a harsh winter approaching, time is running out for the survivors. The media must play its role by providing extensive coverage of this tragedy.

    Thank you!

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