Rita bears down… updated tracking pictures

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UPDATE (20:25PST): The worst is about to hit for Northern Texas and Louisiana. It’s running smack into the major oil refining center in Port Arthur and giving a hard brush to Houston. Hopefully those who could not or would not flee will be OK. We’ll know by morning.

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Bookmark this page and check to see how bad Ritas effect on the refineries and population centers will be.

How many oil refineries are there in Texas? Where are they? Will Rita totally wipe them out, like some were in Louisiana? Check out this picture for the answer. Rita is currently a Category 4 with winds at 140mph (225kph). She’s looking more disorganized this morning though, so that’s good. I will continually update this picture as the NOAA updates theirs. It will stay at the top of my website until Rita passes through.

The green squares represent refineries that I found listed at Wiki. The refineries in Texas are centered around Houston, Port Arthur, Corpus Christi and San Antonio.

And of course.. where there are refineries, there are a lots of people as well…. so pick your reason for praying that Rita hits anywhere BUT where those green boxes are.

“Best” places for Rita to hit… looks like anywhere between Houston and Corpus Christi… or south of Corpus Christi.

Unfortunately… the bad news is… the NHC currently predicts the Eye to fly right between Houston and Port Arthur. The worst possible track.

Pray for those who will need help in the coming days… and get ready to Shell out more at the pump.


from the previous post:

So, I heard (rumours) on the radio station I listen to (CFOX.com The FOX ROCKS!) today that Gas Prices in Nova Scotia and in parts of Ontario are spiking at $1.80 and $2.20/L in anticipation of Hurricane Rita. This is, of course, obscene, and obvious gouging… HOWEVER.. it’s reality.

UPDATE According to the CBC some of these rumours are true, but most not. The lesson… don’t panic! It only makes things worse!