Mega Jade pictures update! 16 months today!

Holy Jade pictures batman! I’m going to catch up the past 3 months of photos all at once! To be true to their date, I’m going to “back date” them… as if I actually posted them in June, July and August. That way when you all go looking for pictures they’ll be where they’re supposed to be chronologically.

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Jade is 16 months old today. She’s doing great of course. She’s nearly walking now and full’a beans. (figuratively and literally!)

She loves the new house as much as we do. Her new room is beautiful and big! Pretty soon she’ll be climbing out of her crib and finally actually hanging out in her room. She doesn’t spend much time there now.

Anyway… on to the pictures. There are a few of them.. split up by month, check them out in the post below.


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