Merging of two blogs

Hi everyone.

Today I’m going to start the process of merging my political and personal blogs. I’ve simply found it too hard over the past year to update two regularly… what’s worse is that the one I haven’t been updating is the really fun one with all the great pictures!

So! I’m merging them.

It will take me a while to get all the data moved over… and for those who are used to the look of my personal site, this will be a bit of a shock, but I do plan on changing the look of murkyview in the coming weeks as well.

So what I will do for now is when you go to you will be redirected to the “Jade” category here at murkview.

You can see the “Jade” category up near the MurkyView title on this page. All of the picture links for Jade will be done in posts, so you’ll be able to search for them, or find them in the archives, by date or name.

You will also see a new category called “Pictures”. This is where all my other pictures of travelling and whatnot will reside… so if you’re only interested in Jade or pictures and don’t want to bother with the political stuff… feel free to hang out in those categories.

However, all posts, no matter whether they are political or Jade related, will appear on the frontpage of Murkyview hopefully this will attract some more people here to stay and participate in the discussion as well.


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