Before you start complaining about the price of Gas

…. stop to think about how that Gas got to your local station.

Take, for example, the current situation in Ecuador, where unrest in the oil producing regions has caused the government to send in the Army and stop all oil exports from the country.

Why the unrest? “Free Market reforms” that were supposed to “help” the Ecuadorean economy to modernize and grow have ended up benefit the rich rather than the poor. Imagine that.

Do we need any more reasons to start taking Alternative Energy research seriously?

No? Not enough, how about Nigeria? The largest oil exporter in Africa.

The US EIA latest report says,

Security problems in Nigeria increased with the exit of its military dictatorship

Whoda thunk?!

In December 2004, militants took 75 oil workers hostage in the Niger Delta region, attacking several oil flow stations and gasoline stations and calling for better infrastructure and welfare for the local population. In February 2005, Nigerian security forces killed up to ten unarmed Ugborodo protestors at the Escravos oil terminal. Members of the Ugborodo community entered the facility following failed negotiations with ChevronTexaco regarding employment issues.

Where do you buy your gas from?

It’s time for things to REALLY change… and more and more I think that the only way that WILL happen is for you and me, the real citizens of our respective countries to stand up like these brave people in far away and destitute lands.

Surely if they can do it on less than $1 a day we can do it… right?

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