US Senate report exposes Iraqi – Russian bribery

The US Senate investigation of the Oil-For-Food scandal has released a report today implicating top Russian officials who possibly got bribes from Saddam.

Frankly, given the long history of economic and military ties between Russia and Iraq, it wouldn’t surprise me at all to find that Saddam sent bribes to Russia for favourable treatment.

However.. I do take issue with this stance that is expressed at The Instapundit and I’m sure will be echoed by every other right-wing-blog out there in the days, weeks and months ahead.

Glenn Reynolds at Instapundit asks, Were there any countries that opposed the war without being bribed? I’m just, you know, asking.

He seems to be forgetting one very important fact:

Except the United States… every single country (including, of course, members of the Coalition of the Willing) polled before the Iraq war opposed the use of force without UNSC approval. What’s more, in the US, the percentage of people willing to go for military action rose significantly after UNSC approval.

Is Instapundit suggesting that the vast majority of citizens polled around the World have been bribed by Saddam Hussein?

If so… I’d love to know where that cheque went cuz I could sure use it!


Pew Research did the most extensive polling of American and International attitudes before the war.

America’s Image Further Erodes, Europeans want weaker ties

Survey of 9 nations… including UK, Italy, Spain, Poland and other Coalition countries show unanimous opposition to war.
Conducted days before US announcement of end of UN process (March 16,2003)

[US] Public wants proof of Iraqi Weapons Programme

The only possible outcome in which a clear majority backs military action is if the inspections show that Iraq is actually hiding weapons of mass destruction.

… Q4: No Weapons but inspectors can’t assure Iraq has none : 28% Favor 62% Oppose Military action


Oh, and if Instapundit is still worried that he missed out on Saddams kickbacks maybe he could talk to the US buyers that

paid more than half the $224m in total kickbacks, the report estimates.

Were any of those US businessmen linked to the same oil companies and political figures that George Bush and Co worked with in the past? I’m just, you know, asking.

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