BC Election night! Woohoo!

I’m not going to “Live Blog”…it’s just too much work!

Plus there is plenty of TV coverage. However, this will be my only thread tonight and I’ll continue to update it as the results start to come in.

The Polls have closed (8PM PST) and the counting has begun.

Remember that this Election is doubly important because there is a Referendum on Electoral Reform as well. Voters will be deciding whether they want to adopt the Single Transferrable Vote system in place of our traditional First Past the Post system.

The Referendum needs 60% of the vote to pass.. and 60% of the ridings must pass it. So it’s a high standard. According to recent polling there is a chance that it could pass. I hope it does… but we’ll see.

Here’s my prediction on the results tonight:

Liberals: 49 seats
NDP: 29 seats
Green Party: 1 seat

Popular Vote:
Liberals: 42%
NDP: 39%
Green: 19%

Referendum — REJECTED

Passes in 60% of ridings but…

YES – 55%
NO – 45%

Close but no cigar.

If you’re looking for online results, the CBC has a nice simple page showing the results as they come in. Not riding-by-riding… but it’s “live”.

Here’s their BC Election page.

At this point the BC Liberals have been declared a Majority government. Right now the results are:

Liberals: 45 seats
NDP: 34 seats

So there ya go.. the NDP has actually done better than I thought they would!

There hasn’t been a determination on the Referendum yet. The numbers are still coming in… currently the CBC is showing 57% for the Yes side. So it’s going to be close!

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