Chuck Cadman, the most powerful man in Canada

Chuck Cadman is a former Conservative MP who now sits as an Independant in the House of Commons.

He is widely considered to be the man who will determine the fate of the Government on May 19 when the Budget is put to a vote.

It just so happens that due to one empty seat in the House… if everyone was present, except Chuck Cadman and voted according to their stated position, the result would be 152-151 Against the Budget. Thus striking down the government and forcing an election.

Thus, with Chuck Cadman present he could either guarantee the governments defeat at 153-151… or force a tie, which the Speaker would be forced to break. The Speaker is a Liberal and would of course vote for the Government.

There is no guarantee that this situation will actually come to pass. If other Conservative MPs (who are seriously ill) are unable to be present then Cadmans vote might not matter. However, he must act as if he will be the deciding vote.

He is faced with a terribly difficult decision. Does he force an election which could send the country towards another Sovereignty Referendum in Quebec or does he tacitly support a corrupt Liberal party? Does he support a party that is hell bent on forcing the government into paralysis until an election or does he push through legislation that has been overtly politicized. Does he implicitly endorse the new low to which discourse in the House of Commons has fallen or does he attempt to prop it up and force it to conduct the business of the nation no matter whos running the show?

I do not envy his position in the slightest. But I do respect him for his willingness to confront the issue head on. His consternation and conflict has been obvious in the many interviews that I have read and heard with him over the past couple days. What’s more, he is actively battling Cancer.

If I were in his riding, I would seriously consider voting for him because I value integrity and conviction over political rhetoric anyday.

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