Canada investigates sending Troops to Darfur

Looks like they could be there by September.

The head of Canada’s military returned recently from meeting with leaders of the African Union peacekeeping force that Canadian units would support.

Well it’s about time there was some action on this. Too bad it seems as though Canada is going in spite of rather than in support of unanimous action by the UNSC. I’m sure that UNSC approval will be sought and gained, but what really needs to happen in Sudan is a major intervention to stop the attacks by the militias and actually protect and repatriate the refugees.

2 replies on “Canada investigates sending Troops to Darfur”

  1. Dafur is a subject that makes my blood boil. The UN and Western nations have got to stop burying their head in the sand in these horrific situations. I hope Canadian troops are sent and that they make a difference and that they don’t wait too long.

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