I punched Saddam in the Mouth

How many other Iraqis would give anything to have been in Samir’s position?

Geneva Conventions aside for a second… if you were a man representing an oppressed, tortured and mutilated people… and had the opportunity to look the one man in the eye that made it all possible… what would you do?

Frankly, Saddam’s probably lucky a few punches in the mouth was all he got. I’ve seen worse beatings outside bars in Vancouver.

Just imagine if Hitler was pulled out alive from his bunker by a Jew?

Or if Stalin was deposed and captured by prisoners of the Gulags?

Samir truly is an icon for all those before him who have suffered through oppresion and tyranny.

(Cheers: LT-Smash)

One reply on “I punched Saddam in the Mouth”

  1. Yes, Samir’s story was riviting. All I can do is compliment him on his “restraint”. I like to think there is a nice Iraqi shredder somewhere with Saddam’s name on it. Actually, I merely fantasize. I would never be able to stand the idea of real torture even for such a sadistic monster as Saddam…but a couple of punches to his head is merely a mild rebuke. Kids in old time English boarding schools got worse than that for minor bad behaviour.

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