BC Debate Reaction

It was fairly non-eventful… though I think if anyone is declared a “winner” it will be Carol James of the NDP. I say that because she kept attacking Gordon Campbell and GC never really addressed her concern. James was on message and strong.

Gordon Campbell mostly stayed on the party line.. a few times he got in a knot responding to James, but for the most part he didn’t let her bug him. He probably gets points for that, but I think he’s going to come off as avoiding the questions of both Carr and James.

Adrian Carr of the Greens did well. She was definitely a little shaky… had some nerves. But she got some good shots in and positioned her party squarely in between. At some points agreeing with Campbell.. others agreeing with James and others disagreeing with both and pointing out the Green parties unique position. I was surprised that she actually mentioned legalizing marijuana. As far as i know, that would be a federal issue rather than a provincial one.. but I may be wrong.

Good debate, not too structured and while all three leaders kept themselves civil to the point of blandness there were some good exchanges.

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