Blame Canada

This is just too indicative of the confrontational nature that political pundits and writers (of which I will freely admit I am one) have resorted in their columns and opinion pieces.

From Sean Incognito this morning:

Frederic Smith, writing for the Bismarck Tribune, thunders:

“There should be a way to punish Canada and the province of Winnipeg for the nasty obstructionism they continue to display toward North Dakota water projects.”

It only gets better, or worse, considering your point of view. Please read it.

It’s sad to see how low the intellectual content has fallen in political discourse these days. Are we all guilty of such obvious fear mongering? Am I guilty of that? Probably..

Is my only advantage over Mr. Smith a basic grasp of local geography?

Oh well, I doubt he or I will change our sometimes inflammatory ways anytime soon… at least I know that I am not alone. There are plenty in the State of Olympia who agree with me.


Sean has an update to his post of yesterday.

Manitobans account for almost 80 per cent of North Dakota’s tourism. North Dakota, meanwhile, is responsible for a relatively measly 13 per cent of the nearly $200 million Cdn that Americans dropped here in 2003.

And from Premier Gary Doer of Manitoba:

Doer said he trusts the people of North Dakota and Manitoba won’t get caught up in the political rhetoric and mud-slinging that have characterized the Devils Lake dispute.

“I’m not getting into those kinds of silly recommendations,” he said of the call for a boycott. “Putting up a Berlin Wall to your citizens is not a very sensible recommendation in our view, and we wouldn’t make that recommendation to our citizens.”

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