Canada to release Foreign Policy Review

The CBC reports this morning that Prime Minister Martin will release the long awaited Foreign Policy review and blueprint.

I’ve been fairly engaged in this review… I took part in the online discussions at the Foreign Ministry website and gave my opinions there on what I thought Canada had to change in order to start making a difference in the world.

One of the biggest gripes I had was Canadas inability to walk the walk after talking the talk. So, I am encouraged by this statement by the PM,

“You cannot have the kind of robust foreign policy I believe Canada has to have if all you’re prepared to do is engage in empty moralizing,” said Prime Minister Paul Martin on Monday, as he gave a preview of his plan to a select group of diplomats, foreign policy experts and Canadian aid agencies.

There must be scads of people telling him exactly what people want to hear, eh?

Anyway, when the report is actually released I’ll go through it and we’ll see how many of its’ recommendations fit with my vision or the vision of others who participated in the online forum.

6 replies on “Canada to release Foreign Policy Review”

  1. I’m sick of giving Martin’s government the benifit of the doubt when it comes to “walking the talk”. They keep saying the right things and then not doing them…. this time will be no different.

    Besides, this is only being released today because the Liberal gov’t is in big trouble – pick up this week’s MAcleans’ and you can read what Big Paulie really thinks about the paper he just released…..


    Please read this column in the NYT written by Canadian David Frum and tell me your reaction. It’s not exactly on topic but not that far off especially in view of the comment above from Anrew (Andrew?). IF he, Frum, is right, the Canadian Liberal Party is in more trouble than I had hoped…heh.

    And I’m only back because I’m intending to give you a hard time. I’m still seething over your enthusiasm for the Axworthy comments. I’m really sick of Liberal Canadian arrogance.

    Notice, I said “Please” above. You can ignore Mr Frum if you wish but puhleese don’t come back with “well, everybody and everyplace is corrupt.” You don’t accept that from American apologists, do you?

  3. Jane: Whatever your reasons for returning, I’m glad you back. Our seemingly diametrically opposed views get me all riled up… good for the blog, if not our sanity. 🙂

    I read Frums article and I agree with him… I think the Liberal party is most definitely in trouble. And he brings up a very interesting point that I don’t think many have considered have even considered. A Canada without the Liberal Party a.k.a. Natural Governing Party.

    The mistake I think he’s making is he’s implying a correlation between the fall of the Conservative Party in the early 90s and todays Liberals.

    While I think it would be grand if the giant Liberal Institution was dismantled… the internal stresses between left and right, East (Quebec) and West simply aren’t there within the Liberal Party.

    I don’t see it tearing apart.

    Why, because they know that there are millions of Canadians that are far more scared of what the Conservative/Reform Party would do to Canada than what their obvious corruption. They know that people like me, who would rather vote NDP, or even Green, would likely vote Liberal if it really meant keeping the Conservatives out of power.

  4. I’m going to go back and carefully read your comment above (too busy at work at the moment to spend much time on blogging) to digest your thoughts and reread Frum as well to hopefully get a better understanding of the broader picture of Canadian politics.

    Just wanted to say that it’s gratifying to know that I rile you up a little. It’s mutual, believe me. 🙂

  5. PS It’s telling to me that you would prefer a corrupt government to a Conservative gov’t. I don’t mean to sound judgemental but I would change parties to punish corruption. Corruption is anathema to a representative government and must be soundly and emphatically punished. Otherwise, we’re all on our way to third world economic and political disasters.

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