Bush questions Passport rules?

Colour me impressed.

President Bush is claiming ignorance to the proposed rule changes for Canadians crossing the US Border and has said that he will review the proposed rule changes.

“When I first read that in the newspaper about the need to have passports, particularly the day-crossings that take place … I said, ‘What’s going on here?’,” said Bush.

Indeed! What *is* going on here? President Bush is moving to right a wrong for Canadians? I will be interested to see if his “review” actually turns into a reversal of this proposed direction but I am truly impressed that he isn’t supportive of the rule change to “strengthen security… etc etc.”

It’s worth keeping an eye on, but I still fear that this would only amount to a delay of the inevitable.

2 replies on “Bush questions Passport rules?”

  1. Well color me skeptical that you are impressed with any favor towards the evil Bush. I’m sure if you take a couple of aspirins, you’ll get over it soon enough.

  2. haha.. welcome back Jane.

    Actually I *am* impressed because I see it as a reversal to the “homeland-centric” policies of the Administration over the past term and a few months.

    I’m wondering if the comments were a result of genuine surprise? Pressure from Canada’s new Ambassador to the US (Paul McKenna)? Or pressure from industry in Canada and/or the US?

    It’s a question worth knowing the answer to.

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