Watching my Granddaughter Grow

What a pleasure it’s been to watch Jade grow and develop this past year. Whenever we go down to visit Jade, Chris and Theresa, we see such a change in the little one. It’s a pleasure and comfort seeing the delight in our children’s eyes as they watch their “miracle baby” move through the various stages of development. Jade is such a happy little thing…ready with a smile for everyone and yet a very serious expression when she sees someone for the first time.

I’ve certainly enjoyed getting updates and pictures of Jade on Chris’ blog- and so have all the aunts, uncles and cousins in Ontario!! Computers still amaze me…..I just got a new IMac OS X…wow, what a sophisticated, easy- to- use machine this is…makes one wonder how we did our degrees using typewriters and books!!

We are looking forward to celebrating Jade’s first birthday in May….we have been truly blessed this past year. Being a grandparent is a most delightful experience.

Easter Monday

Easter Monday

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