Must-see Documentary.

The National today (Monday March 28) has a very very interesting documentary about the Oil for Food program. Who speicifically benefitted from it (including French Pres. Jaques Chirac) what the UN and US position on it was at the time…. and others. If you’d like to see someone sweat, watch for the interview with one beneficiary of oil from Saddam as she sweats under basic questioning from the reporter.

He even interviews Zirinovsky (sp?), the ultra-nationalist Russian opposition leader who wanted Russia to send troops to help Iraq and who approached an American oil company to buy Iraqi oil. (that company is due to appear for questioning in Congress).

If you get CBC or CBC Newsworld… search it out… ASAP. The feature is called ‘Bribes for Baghdad”.

Tomorrow, after the interim report looking into the UforFood program is released, CBC will air a 2nd part to the documentary looking into how the corruption went to the top of the UN.

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