Kyrgyzs overrun government.

In another example of People overthrowing their oppresive governments, Kyrgyzstans’ 10,000 opposition followers have this morning overtaken the presidential palace and deposed the government. They have also overrun the state television broadcasters and have announced the fall of the government.

The BBC has the story.

Unfortunately, the unrest and protests in Kyrgyzstan have not been as peaceful as the Ukrainian and Georgian upheavals last year. But, for the most part, fighting seems to have been limited to sticks and stones with the odd gunshot. The police protecting the palace “dissolved” and the threats by the minister of the Interior to use force have not materialized, so we can hope for the best.

Yet another example of popular, mostly peaceful, revolt leading to real change! It realy does seem like the swell that started in Georgia and Ukraine last year is building into a wave that will crash down upon those who oppress their citizens!

The Instapundit has pictures.

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