Freedom and Democracy… our way.

As the 2nd term of President George Bush gets revved up, it is becoming more and more clear that there will be less and less constructive dialogue coming out of the White House.

Our strength as a nation-state will continue to be challenged by those who employ a strategy of the weak, using international fora, judicial processes and terrorism.

This from the just-released, National Defense Strategy Document

So in other words. Get ready for more of the same, “Are you with us or against us” BS.

Here I thought “nation-state” was one of those words that were quasi-applied to states who were not part of the mainstream… who had a history of misbehaving with its’ neighbours or on the International stage… or who were otherwise seen as letting emotion and fear drive their foreign policy rather than reason, and the rule of Law.

Oh wait..?

(Cheers: Arms Control Wonk)

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