Women and Blogging

I’ve never addressed this issue on the Net. Mainly because I don’t see it as *being* an issue. I’m not surprised that the majority of top-ranked bloggers out there are white, middle-class, males. I’m willing to bet that that correlates closely with who spends the most time in front of a computer screen.

Does it mean blogging is somehow the Mans domain, of course not. It just means that women don’t do it as much… they probably have better things to do than waste their time staring at a computer! If reaches its’ “destiny” as some like to think of it, and become equal to or even replace the MSM then maybe then we’ll have to start talking about “equality” among bloggers. But blogs are still in their infancy, the “media” blogosphere has not yet matured.

Body and Soul has an excellent write up.

Juan Cole got me started.

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