Hemp Plastic

Hemp has long been considered a sort of “miracle” plant. It can be used to make pretty much anything, from fabrics, to ropes, and even contruction material.


Well, now it looks like Hemp can be used to make plastic materials as well!

Is there anything Hemp can’t do?

Well, it can’t get you high… which might be a bummer to all the potheads out there.

Unfortunately there is a huge stigma around industrial hemp because, of course, it is related to the marijuana plant.
(The two can cross-polinate, but it results in much less potent marijuana… would that mean that the THC “Gene”, for lack of a better word, is the recessive one in the species or am I getting my biology all screwed up? You see, this is why I never took Biology… )

Plus, it doesn’t help that promotion of Hemp and legalization/regulation of Marijuana would threaten two of the oldest industries in the world:

Cotton and Tobacco.

Ya… probably not going to happen anytime soon, eh?

(Cheers: Polspy)

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