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If you’re an RSS addict like myself and can’t wait for a new feed to pop up then you might be interested in a website that details some of the “links” between right and left leaning blogs.

Washington Monthly has the scoop… click

They have some nice graphical represenations of the links between blogs. Check it out.

The conservative blogosphere has a generally denser web of relationships than the liberal blogosphere.

I’m not surprised by that. One of the first things I noticed after having this blog for awhile was that I didn’t have any links to other left leaning blogs and didn’t really know where to go to find them. Now I’ve dug them out. But there is definitely much less community and inter-linking between major left leaning blogs than I have seen on the right.

Being Canadian, I try to link to other Canadian blogs as well. I’d be interested to see a similar survey done of the most popular Canadian and American and European blogs… and see what sort of relationships exist between them. Might give an interesting insight into the dialogue between the various communities in the blogosphere and the links across the 49th parallel and over the Pond.

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