Axworthy Discovers Blogosphere

Loyd Axworthy has posted a followup article to his “Dear Condi” in the Winnipeg Free Press.

It seems he has found that his view is shared not just by Canadians, but by many Americans as well.

It sounds like Mr. Axworthy has just had a crash course in the Blogosphere, and he likes it click

The explanation from those who know about such things is that I had been blogged — my somewhat-cheeky chiding of the U.S. secretary of state had been picked up by various websites and chat-rooms, extending the reach of the written word far beyond the range of this newspaper’s circulation.

I had certainly read often enough about the revolution in communication that was underway, and had even lectured about the potential that information technology offers for global education, fostering world-wide understanding and exchange. But until one is personally and directly impacted, as I was this week, the full power of cyberspace connection is hard to grasp.

the potential for fundamentally changing the nature of political discourse from a domestic to a global dimension is only now beginning to fully dawn on me as a result of the “Dear Condi” chronicles that have played out electronically over the last week.

He goes on to express his surprise in the amount of support he received from Americans who felt “locked in a soundproof room”.

Please read the rest of his article. It’s perhaps the first time a politician, past or present, has truly grasped the power and immediacy of Bloggers.

Perhaps there really is something to this phenomenon called blogging?

More later…

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