Pictures from New Brunswick!

The new Pictures are up! Click on “Jade Pictures” to see them. They’ll also be in their own “February 2005” link after tomorrow.

Mom and Jade returned from Sussex, New Brunswick on Saturday night. It was a long flight, but a good flight. Jade slept most of the way and was apparently in a decent mood.

I can’t believe how different she is just since a last saw her last week! She has teeth of course, but she also is making all sorts of new sounds and gestures. She rolls over instantly to her back when you put her on her tummy. She reaches out for mom when she really wants her or is playing shy.

She makes these funny “growling” sounds. Very cute. She also enjoys playing with her spoon when she’s eating. She incists on having you drag it back and forth across her mouth so she can make the “blubblublublub” sound. Then she happily drinks.

Unfortunately I don’t have time to say more… but suffice to say that all is well. We’re headed to swimming tomorrow. That should be fun. Jade went swimming i St. John and apparently had a lot of fun, so I think the secret must be not to expect much if she happens to be teething really badly one day! 🙂

We’re expecting some more teeth in a week or two. She had really really red cheeks yesterday, and was fairly grumpy, though she did go to sleep easily.

Anyway, that’s all, have fun checking out the pictures. There are many with Great Grandpa!

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