The Oreilly Way

The more I watch FoxNews, and especially the more I watch Bill Oreilly, the more I love it.

It’s the kind of fun you have from watching a crocodile devour an antelope that got too close to the water.

I just watched a segment on an “abortion mill” in Kansas. Bill had a judge and a pro-life advocate on to discuss it. The poor pro-lifer didn’t stand a chance. No matter how much sense she was speaking the crocodiles weren’t interested in what she had to say, only how fast they could eat her.

At one point Oreilly says “oh wait now, I don’t want us to gain up on Ms. [Pro Lifer]” then 1 second later he says he and she have “philosophical differences”. She rolled her eyes, the Judge smirked.

The best part though was when the segment wrapped and they went to commercial. The first spot said:

“Fox News. We Report, You Decide”.


I could watch this channel all day!

3 replies on “The Oreilly Way”

  1. Chris

    OT but I’ve been expecting some thoughts from you on GWB’s European jaunt. Whadda’ ya’ think?

    PS Do watch Brit Hume on FOX. He is news while O’Reilly is entertainment. I tired of him (O’Reilly) rather quickly (and Hannity&Colmes – roll-eyes).

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