News from New Brunswick!

My wife tells me via the 30 year old rotary phone (no REALLY!) in Grandpa Johnsons’ 82 year old house that Miss Jade has sprung a Pair of Teeth!!

The *pearly* whites are mere white ridges now.. but by the end of the week they might just be picture worthy!

I hope the poor little girl doesn’t chew her fingers off… no, sorry, I was talking about Theresa there, not Jade. ;=)

I can hardly wait to see them again. The house is positively cavernous without them. Only the crazed meowles of the house-bound cat break the silence. Heidi actually lied on my lap last night on the couch, she *must* be lonely. Poor thing all couped up in the house all day. Chris need to devise a way for a cat door to the outside world. Hmmmm….

Heidi and I will just have to wait patiently for the Life of the party to come back home.