US Trade war about to get Ugly

Excuse my French, but it’s about Damn Time!

The CBC is reporting that Canada has asked the WTO for the authority to impose $4.1 billion in duties against US imports. (which happens to be how much Canadian companies have lost due to the unfair and illegal duties imposed by the US)

Why? Because the US has continually refused to work fairly in resolving the ongoing Softwood Lumber trade dispute and has in fact imposed obscene and unjustified duties on Canadian goods.

The WTO and NAFTA has consistently and, as far as I know, unanimously ruled in Canadas favour when Canada has tried to force the US to rescind its’ unfair duties on softwood lumber.

Well, enough Mister nice guy. This trade war has officially started, and in the name of all those people in my hometown and on Vancouver Island who have lost their jobs and livelyhoods because of the import tariffs levelled on Canadian lumber (and paid to American companies) I say…

It’s about time! Next stop… duties on oil, gas, and electricity imports.

What’s really frustrating about all this is that the duties have actually hurt US Consumers trying to buy lumber at their local Home Depot. But as with many things in US politics, the Consumer doesn’t matter… only the Corporation and shareholders.

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  1. Unfortunately, that door swings both ways. There are so many tariffs, direct and indirect, it is almost impossible to determine whose ox is really getting gored. As the saying goes, be careful what you wish for….

  2. Very true… War is war, even trade wars. And given the attitude of the American delegation throughout this dispute I fully expect there to be further escalation before either side backs down.

    That said, I’m glad that Canada has finally attempted some sort of retaliation. No matter how much I believe in negotiation being the only way to solve a problem, I can only take so many shots to the groin before I inevitably take a swing back. Even if in the long run, Canada is always going to be the one that has the most to lose.

    The US has been on the wrong side of the decisions by NAFTA and the WTO from the start… it’s about time they start being punished.

  3. I guess you know now how the US felt about the intermnable UN resolutions with no accompanying action over Saddam. And French perfidy. It does seem to me that your outrage and indignation over all issues affecting Canada from any source but primarily the US is always justified but when Americans have similar reactions we are just being either petty or domineering or totally unjustified.

    I don’t know much about the softwood situation except what you have told us so I have no opinion on who is right and who is wrong. I also can empathize with your frustration and desire to strike back. However, remember this very true old quote “Discretion is the better part of valor” or as Bunker says “Be careful what you wish for”. It feels good to hit back but it doesn’t always feel good to endure the consequences. And I’m not saying that as a war-mongering, swaggering American apologist. I just know that life has taught me the truth in both those sayings and another thing life has taught me is that when you corner your “enemy” or “adversary”, he exercised his options too and often gets out of that corner you boxed him in and can hurt you back. (Divorce taught me that a loooong time ago 😉 Ha Ha Ha

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