Dirty Bomb THREAT in Boston!

Breaking News:

The FBI is currently investigating a threat of a possible terrorist cell in Boston aquiring a dirty bomb!

The validity of the threat is *not* confirmed… there is only talk of people coming over the Mexican border, a Mexican informant contacting Californian authorities, and those authorities putting Boston FBI on alert.

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I want to point something out right now.

A Dirty Bomb is *not* the same as a Nuclear device. You will hear the word Nuclear alot if this hits the major media outlets. Right now we are NOT talking about a Nuclear Bomb like Hiroshima or Nagasaki.

We are talking about a conventional explosive that has radioactive material in it. When it explodes, it disperses the radioactive material and causes an area to become contaminated. Yes it’s very bad… but it is not the same as the apocalyptic destruction caused by the blast and fallout of a Nuclear Explosion.


FoxNews was the first major news outlet to carry the story.

The BBC is now carrying it as well.

I’m thinking that the regular media outlets would be very wary about publishing this story. At least not while the perceived “Dirty Bomb” threat is so fresh… they are very aware that if they aren’t careful what they say they could easily cause confusion and fear themselves.. and in effect do what the terrorists would love.

The original story had 2 Iraqis and 4 Chinese terrorists. Now there are only 4 Chinese suspects.

Chinese Terrorists

Nothing more is being said… the dirty bomb threat has diminished in the reporting and Boston officials aren’t raising the terror level.


Even if this all turns out to be nothing it does raise the question… is everything that has been implemented since

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