Teething Toothes: Blbbblbblblb

Another day another new thing. With the pace that a baby learns and grows and develops it’s amazing that her little body can keep up! There’s all this STUFF going on.. growing and pushing and pulling. If I was changing that much that fast I’d probably have leg-flailing temper tantrums too!

On Friday Jade surprised us again. I got home from work and Theresa said, “Jade is doing something new!”. “What’s that?” I say… “I’m not going to say… I want you to see it!”.

Alright so, I go about my duties… feeding and cleaning and playing with the munchkin. Then there is this sound.. “Pfffflblblbllblb”.

“There! There! Did you see that??!! hahahhaha!”

Hmmm.. I had my head turn just at that instant… I missed what she actually did.

I look at my daughter and she looks at me and says, “BlbllblPfffHHmmmmblbllblb”

“There! There! She’s talking with her tongue now, see!?” exclaims my overjoyed wife as my own Mom looks on excitedly.

Pretty cool. I admit. Makes feeding a lot more entertaining too… what with the oatmeal splattering back at you as the pre-“th” and “ffff” and “bl” sounds develop. I swear Jade will be talking in a matter of weeks. She’s constantly humming and hawing and cooing and gooing.

So that was Friday night, what happened, you ask, the rest of the weekend?
Well, her cough got a little worse again. Remember that cough way back in December? Well, it sort of went away… for like a day or two.. but now it’s back again. Not really bad, yet.. but definitely a little worse. She’s also teething, so the combination means that she gave back her whole meal a couple times on the weekend. Messy… Yucky. The pediatrician said last week that RSV (Respiratory System Virus?) is quite prevalent this year. Jade is already required to get RSV shots regularly… but the doctor suggested that this might actually be what Theresa and I and her mom have all gotten over the holidays. It might also be what Jade has.

As long as it doesn’t cause her to weeze or get short of breath, the doctors are OK with her. But Jade has her last flu shot today, so at the same time she might go see the doctor and ask her if there is anything more we can give poor little Jade to make the nagging cough go away.

The Humidifier in her room definitely seems to help with her mucus and stuff. Keeps it loose… but that doesn’t seem to be quite enough to expell the evil cough from her day-to-day business.

OK, back to the update….

Chris is sitting on the couch with Jade feeding her her milk… Theresa has gone out to run some errands. Jade polishes off the milk, and is ready for some solids. She motors through those as well… but towards the end gets whiny and cranky.

Can’t be still hungry.. she’s spitting up a little overflow.. hmmm… must be the gums. Chris sits down on the couch again and grabs the Favourite Teether toy and “plugs the hole”. Much chomping ensues… crying gone.

30 seconds later (ok, maybe a little longer)… the favourite teether becomes boring… out comes the next in line. And so on for a while.

A little bit later Theresa comes home loaded down with groceries and goodies. Jade and I greet her at the door. Jade is sporting her big wide “my teefff hurt” pouty face. Theresa shows the required amount of sympathy mixed with some ridicule of our over-dramatic daughter.

She inspects Jades gums with her finger.. gently rubbing the bottom gum. “Oh!” she bursts, “I feel bumps!”.

So there you have it… 9 months and 7 days and we have our first confirmation of
“bumps” rising to the surface. Does this mean a pearly white is in Jades near future? Stay tuned for new udpates.

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