Fun in the Snow and Eating

Hi again.

So, last weekend Victoria got dumped on, or at least our small neighbourhood, with about 30 centimeters of snow… about 1.5 feet! That’s ALOT for Victoria.. and what’s more, it’s still really cold… like -5 at night (28F)… which again is very unusual for Victoria, and the West Coast of BC in general.

That said, it’s been a lot of fun and I really like having a “real” winter… but I’ll sure be glad when it finally warms up in a few days and the rain washes away all the snow. Any longer and it could delay the flower count in February! 🙂

So, Miss Jade is doing quite wonderful. As usual, she’s learning more and more, and so are her parents. Last night we came to the realization that we’ve been practically starving the poor child. We knew what we should be feeding her… no meats yet… oatmeal, veggies, etc. But we hadn’t really had a good idea on Quantities for quite awhile.

Well, last night we did some research and discovered that we’d been feeding her about Half what most books and guidelines suggest! Now, we just watched “Super Size Me” (great movie, btw I highly recommend it), so we’re well aware of the health problems associated with overeating… but this revelation on not feeding her enough would definitely explain her crankiness lately!! She always seems to be hungry… so, DUH, we should probably feed her more! Yesterday was, after all Jades 8 month birthday (so she’s about 5-6 months “corrected” in some areas)

So last night for “afternoon snack” Theresa fed Jade a whole range of fruits and veggies Carrots, squash, apples, bananas and I think peaches! Jade gobbled it all down and then a full bottle afterwards!

For “Dinner” a few hours later I fed her a whole bottle, then like 3 teaspoons of mixed cereal!

She gobbled that down too!

After that, she gooed and gaahed and looked tired, so I set her down in her crib and she talked herself to sleep!

So given that we will now be feeding her significantly more, I expect she’ll be gaining some more weight! I don’t know how big she is now… our doctors appointment on Friday was cancelled due to the snow… but she has an appointment with both the Special Care Nursery (a “followup” that they do for all premies in their care) and with her Pediatrician… so we should know how much she weighs at the end of today!

Unfortunately, Jade didn’t get to go out and play in the snow… too cold for her little nose… but next year she will for sure!

That’s about it for now I guess. I don’t have any new pictures, but I might soon.



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