Almost Christmas!

I know.

You’re all going to kill me because I’ve been highly negligent in my duties on updating the website. What’s worse, I’ve been updating Murkyview far more regularly.

Sorry. I’m Bad. Suffice to say in the new year I will attempt to balance my writing more between the two blogs. I have to convince myself that one post a day is enough on Murkyview… and that will give me time to post here too.

So, what has been happening, well, aside from the ugliness that’s happening on the right side of your screen (those really ugly text bits… I’m going to have to work on that over Christmas) not REALLY too much.

Jade is doing well, though she’s had a bad cold lately. She managed to share it with both her parents over the weekend too! Wasn’t that nice of her? Anyway, miss Jade still has a cough from the cold, and because of that, she can’t keep her solid food down. (When she cough she vomits up the solid food!). So for now she’s back to a straight formula diet.

It sounds worse than it really is… she gets absolutely everything she needs from the formula anyway, the solids are just to get her prepared for “real food”. The doctor said that she should be pretty much 100% by next week. We hope so.

She’s about 15.5lbs now. I think she lost a little wait due to the cold… and she probably won’t really start growing again until she gets all her food in her, but she’s still getting very heavy!

We’re only a few days away from Christmas, and that means the presents are really starting to stack up. Luckily, they’re only for Jade. Theresa and I promised each other we’d only buy for Jade so as to save some money.

I will post some more pictures when we get some… and just wait til we get back from Ontario! There will be tons of great pictures! :+)

Talk to you soon, and Merry Christmas!!

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