Islam and Neighbours

I still see too many people “out there” saying that Muslims are basically hopeless because Islam teaches only hate and violence. Of course this is not true… and if you want proof. Read this post. 1 Update

This is from the blog of a young man in Mosul.

He’s been talking about what he’s learning in school (among the reports violence going on around him).

Among the duties you owe your neighbor are:

  1. To greet him/her when you meet him/her.
  2. To ask about him/her.
  3. To visit him/her when sick.
  4. To console him/her when he/she is afflicted with calamity.
  5. To condole him/her when any of his/her relatives passes away.
  6. To congratulate him/her on happy occasions.
  7. To share him/her his/her joys and pains.
  8. To forgive him/her when he/she does wrong to you.
  9. To keep away from infringing on his/her privacy.
  10. To guide him/her to what he/she is ignorant about.
  11. To lower your gaze from his/her female household.
  12. Not to bother him/her in any way; for example by putting dirty stuff in front of his/her home.

I don’t think much else needs to be said.


Please read this.

Written by a 14 year old American-Iranian who lives in California who is wise well beyond his years.

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