Russia builds new Space Ship

A little science geekery tonight. Just for a change. The maker of the Soyuz capsule has created a space shuttle “competitor”.

No, it’s not as big or as advanced as the space shuttle.. but it’s cheaper and more versatile than a Soyuz to launch and operate. And that’s really something for a reusable space vehicle.

I’m doubtful that the NASA Space Shuttle will ever fly again… and maybe it shouldn’t? It’s too expensive to operate.

This company has been building the Soyuz since it’s inception. No, it’s not pretty.. but it gets the job done.. and very reliably. If the Russia government can either scrounge up enough money, or find interested partners (hello, NASA, are you listening) this machine could be the first joint vehicle for the two biggest space programs in the world.

Russia and the US are not, after all, the only players in space anymore. The two most populous countries in the world are fast on their heels. China has its’ sights set on the moon, while India is well on its’ way to lauching its’ first astronauts into space.

During the beginnings of space travel, Russia and the US were adversaries, competitors… each duking it out for space bragging rights. After the moon landings.. the shine came off and we have really fallen into a “Dark Ages” of sorts when it comes to Space exploration and advancement.

Well, I think we’re poised to break free. To enter a “Renaissance” period where amazing and wonderful new vehicles are made and the modern world is joined in a friendly yet incredibly fervent pursuit of space glory.

It is time for Russia, the US and the EU to cooperate more and start the new Age of space discovery!

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