New Poll: Canadians Anti-Bush, not Anti-American

Yesterdays (Monday Nov, 29) National Post published a national survey of Canadians showing that 73% feel “opposing the policies of President Bush is not the same as being anti-American”

Here are the highlights as they were printed in the National Post:

  • 71% of Canadians identified the US as our closest friend
  • 69% agreed that: “Deep down, I know that Americans are our closests friends”
  • 28% agreed that: It’s cool these days to dislike America.
  • Only one in three believes Americans have “positive” feelings towards Canada.

The survey was conducted for “Friends of America” by

You can download the entire report from my site.

In the opening statement the report states:

A recent telephone survey conducted by the research division of GPC Public
Affairs finds that apparent anti-Americanism in Canadian public opinion has
been overstated by a vocal minority in the country.

I think that vocal minority might include me, at least in perception to my American friends. 🙂

I believe that I would mirror very closely the majority of responses in this survey.

What the survey really shows is that Canadians feel that they share the same values as their American friends…. the place where we differ the most, and this should be bulleted with “at the moment”, is in foreign policy and defense.

That is why, for the most part.. we have a bone to pick with US Administration policy makers, not the people or America itself.

One reply on “New Poll: Canadians Anti-Bush, not Anti-American”

  1. I guess I’m skeptical. What is the definition of “anti-americanism”? (Whatever Chris Alemany says about us, IMO :))The majority of Canadians and Europeans hope that we fail in the Iraqi pacification, it seems to me. I listen to CBC quite a bit. That is what my sense is. To me hoping that we fail is anti-american. You’re apparently rooting for our enemies. How else do we interpret the sentiments expressed by the Canadian public.

    The majority of the American voters chose the hated Dubya. So tell me again that you only dislike our President and his policies (which we elected to keep in place) and not those who support him…a contradiction and rather illogical and thus rather difficult to believe.

    By the way, I watched the CBC account of the Bush protest march in Ottowa yesterday. Not once did I hear them mention the number of protesters (either 5000 or 13000 depending on your source, the police or the protesters). Now why would not the CBC include that information in their report? Maybe because it was intended by CBC that the protest appear much larger than it really was?….how convenient, as the Church Lady would say. Is the CBC a government run media? Just wondering.

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