Views from Iraqis

There is a lot of back and forth between people who fervently believe that America is doing the RIGHT THING in Iraq no matter what is happening on the ground, and those who believe just as fervently that America is doing everything wrong.

Well. Maybe we both need to take a step back and listen to an opinion that matters… that of Iraqis

I want to point you to the links on the left hand side of my website. On there you will find new links to blogs by Iraqis. Some are positive towards their current situation, some are negative. All provide a perspective that I think is being lost in both mainstream media and personal discussions. (that includes me!)

Read the rest of this post for quotes from those blogs:

Healing Iraq An Iraqi Dentist

It scares me to see the reaction of people around me whenever Fallujah is mentioned. The director of a primary health care clinic was remarking the other day that “Fallujah should be burnt upon its residents and then razed to the ground.

Baghdad BurningA Blogger in Baghdad

Allawi declared a “State of Emergency” a couple of days ago… A state of emergency *now* – because previous to this week, we Iraqis were living in an American made Utopia, as the world is well aware. So what does an “Emergency State” signify for Iraqis? Basically, it means we are now *officially* more prone to being detained, raided, and just generally abused by our new Iraqi forces and American ones. Today they declared a curfew on Baghdad after 10 p.m. but it hasn’t really made an impact because people have stopped leaving their houses after dark anyway.

The last few days have been tense and heart-rending. Most of us are really worried about Falloojeh. Really worried about Falloojeh and all the innocents dying and dead in that city. There were several explosions in Baghdad these last few days and hardly any of them were covered by the press. All this chaos has somehow become uncomfortably normal. Two years ago I never would have dreamed of living like this- now this lifestyle has become the norm and I can barely remembering having lived any other way.

Finally something positive…
The Messopotamian

For the valiant soldiers doing battle in Falujah today: like the medieval knights, you have engraved on your shields severed heads of kidnapped victims, murdered children, the hundreds of thousands of the dwellers of mass graves. You are the instruments of the Lord’s retribution. Have no mercy on this vermin, they do not deserve any.

God bless you and protect you for you are doing his work.


Iraq and Iraqis

I hope the Iraqi people all over Iraq would have the reason and open mind to accept our government and wait till the elections to evaluate the situation and the results at then, and I am sure they will find it was worth it and maybe we had a chance many people in Middle East dreaming of. I believe that any problem in the world between people or two groups of people is no more than a difference in point of views and salutation are no more than compromising and closing in point of views. It’s that simple.?

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