The Strength of America

So, this is it. Polling will start in the Eastern-most parts of the United States in less than 24 hours.

Barring the unthinkable, there I don’t think there is much anyone can do or say today to convince people to change their minds. Those who have decided on Bush or Gore will not change… and those who are still undecided will likely remain so until they get into the voters booth tomorrow. has the polling numbers for the last day of the campaign. They have now swung back in favour of Kerry, but the lesson to learn is still clear. There can be no prediction of tomorrows winner (assuming he even “wins” tomorrow).

The World will now step back and simply wait… wait to see what direction the most powerful nation in the world will take.

While there are plenty of points for people to take issue with when it comes to US policies of the past 4 years, one thing should not be overlooked.

No matter what the methods and policies of their government, the American people are always willing to step up for what they feel is Right. There is a conviction and determination there that is like no other in the world. There is a confidence there that is truly unshakeable.

There are dozens of countries with bigger populations… or better social programs… or faster growing economies… but only America has that unshakeable will to percevere, the confidence to know that it will be alright because they will make it so through blood, sweat and tears.

I wish the best for the American people as they participate in a process that they so feverently believe in.

It is Your will.. not that of your Commander-In-Chief that will decide the future of your country.

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