Happy all night long: 12lbs

Happy Monday!

A short one today. Jade is doing very well of course. She’s keeping us on our toes. She went to Hatley Castle down at Royal Roads University (out-of-towners would recognize it as been Lex Luthers’ pad in the popular series Smallville) to see the spooky rooms and here the creepy ghost stories. Apparently she was very impressed with some rooms, (and hallways) but very Not of others.

Yesterday was another big day of transition. Up until now we’ve been feeding Jade formula made from powder… its’ especially fortified with vitamins and minerals that premies need.. and more importantly for Jade (because she also gets her Iron seperately anyway) it’s easier on her stomach than the regular canned liquid formula. Yesterday we ran out, like we do every 2 days, of formula. The stuff is $15 a can! So we decided it was time to try her on the “regular” stuff (Which is more like $9 a can, and goes on sale often).

She happily gobbled it down as if nothing had changed. Phew… there’s a small victory for the pocketbook and for our sanity. The other stuff was tough to measure, stir and dissolve… this stuff you just add water, give it a shake, and it’s done!

Miss Jade is eating oatmeal, barley and rice cereal. To her I think it’s all the same… and to us, we just like watching her spread it all over her face as she tries to suck her thumb (!!) between spoonfuls.

Last night was a tough one for both of us. Jade woke up for her meal around 2:30 and then decided she wanted to play. Mom wasn’t too happy with that.. nor was daddy. We both didn’t get back to sleep until Miss Jade calmed down around 4. Ah, the life of a parent.

It’s windy today.. hopefully we won’t all blow away!



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