Sorry for the Hiccup:2023g

Hi everyone.

Sorry for the dead picture links this weekend. I tried to make an update late Friday night and it apparently failed.. unfortunately, i had to leave for Vancouver at 6AM on Saturday so I didn’t get a chance to fix everything until just now.

Hopefully everything is back online now! There should be some new pictures too!

Jade keeps progressing. She is still on a “whiff” of oxygen. They’ll keep testing her to see if and when she can go without. It’s just a matter of time really, probably a few days or a week. Last night she had her most successful breast feed yet! She was latched and sucking (until now she usually latched and fell asleep) for a good 20min. Got approximately 25ml.. which is half what she regularly takes for a feed. Today she might take more. Who knows! Just needs to keep growing.

This is my last week at work before I go on holiday, so I’ll be pretty busy this week and might not update the blog very often. I’ll try to take pictures though. We noticed last night that her “chubiness” has started to creep past her chin and into her cheeks! Cute little monkey!


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