Hi everyone.

It’s been an interesting few days. Jade has had what seems to us as lots of Apneas and Bradys, which is nerve racking. But the nurses assure us she’s ok. On the other end… she’s gaining weight like crazy! It seems that as soon as she hit 1000g she passed a sort of threshold.

She’s grown over 40g two of the past three days. Last night she was 1105g, she’s approaching that 2000g mark pretty quickly!

The nurses think the reason why she was having so many Bradys and Apneas was because of “washback” when they feed her. Her stomach doesn’t close off from her throat completely yet, so the milk can sometimes wash back into her throat. This burns her throat a little and probably scares her, so she holds her breath.. her heartrate goes down.. and she scares her parents! 🙂

They took another X-Ray of her lungs and head and didn’t find anything to worry about, in fact, they said her lungs had improved so this is why they think her apneas were due more to factors other than her lungs.

We’re very lucky to have the nurses there to tell us what’s going on. They know exactly what they’re doing and keep us informed.

But.. that’s about it. I’ll have more photos for you this evening. I’m also reworking the movies so that they are easier and faster to download.

Stay tuned!


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