Over the past four years I have gained critical experience in the operation of local government. From working with staff, to working with Council and working with outside Ministries and agencies it takes time to develop relationships that can benefit the City and advance its goals.

I have made key relationships with people within the community including First Nations and the ACRD. I have become well known at regional, provincial and national forums for providing information and being a strong voice for my community at every level of government.

I now know what to expect, and what not to expect.  I know what to ask for and what needs to be done. These are the things that you learn after time on Council.

Four years is a long term commitment both for the elected official and the people electing them. You should be confident that there are people on Council who can work on the priorities of the City from day one and help any new members of Council to get up to speed quickly.

I look forward to building on this experience and using it to help the City grow and prosper.